Effect Of Cinnamon On Hemoglobin Level After Menstruation


Najat Hamza Hassan 1
1 Community Health Department, Karbala Technical Institute, AL-Furat AL-Awsat Technical University, Iraq.


Objective: This study aims to determination the effect of cinnamon on hemoglobin level after menstruation. Methods: A case control study, a purposive sample of (60) women from AL-Hindia city; (30) women as a study group and (30) women as a control group. The study group was given cinnamon for 12 days (A maximum of 1.2 tsp. of cinnamon powder per day for 5 days, followed by 2 days of rest and return to take cinnamon for another five days to be safe and without side effects) and hemoglobin test twice before and after cinnamon was given on the first day of the cycle and re-examination on the 12th day. At the same time, the hemoglobin level of control group was also examined in the same period to be compared. Results: The age group was (15-24) for both groups (56.7%) for the study group and (53.3%) for the control group. The hemoglobin test in the study sample was (Hb 12.0-12.4) where the percentage of the study group was (50%) while the control group (60%). And that there is an increase in the level of hemoglobin after cinnamon was given to the study group where it became (10.55±1.07) ( g/dL) after it was (10.36±1.09) ( g/dL) before giving cinnamon. Age of study samples was reported a non-significant differences at P>0.05, between the observed frequency’s distributions compared with expected at the two groups. In addition to that, hemoglobin level was reported a highly significant different at P<0.01 at the study group compared with the control. Conclusion: The results of the study showed that cinnamon has an effect on increasing the level of hemoglobin in women when given during the menstrual cycle.