The relationship between age and some physiological parameters in patients of kidney failure


Jasim A. Abdullah1
1 Clinical Laboratories Department, Applied Medical Sciences College, Karbala University, Iraq.


Objective: The current study focus on the difference in levels of parameters in patients after dialysis process until we show the decrease or increase level in these parameter even were find the reason that lead to this case and then we say the dialysis may be caused the change of concentration of these parameters. Methods: This study included (95) samples were collected from Baqubah General hospital in Diayla city and Al Hilla General hospital in Hilla city/Iraq. The samples were divided into (55)male,(30)female and (10)healthy as control .The blood sample were collected from patients venous and then serum separated by centrifugation. Results: In current study we showed increase in level of urea and creatinine in all age groups but WBC, platelet and sugar was normal in all aged while PCV was decreased in all aged whereas albumin decrease in aged (50-65) year but total protein and platelet decreased in aged (5-20)year. Conclusion: there are no significant differences p > 0.01 between age and each parameters and we showed no significant differences between albumin with urea and creatinine also do not showed significant differences between sugar with creatinine ,urea and albumin and we showed no significant differences between PCV with urea and albumin but we showed significant differences between creatinine with urea and creatinine with PCV p>0.01 .