Comparative study between conventional and molecular tests to detect the incidence of brucellosis in cattle and buffaloes in Babylon and Karbala provinces
Ihab Ghazi Mahdi AL-Shemmari

Evaluation of immunization protocol in mice injected with Whole Cell Fraction antigen of C. albicans isolated from vaginal infections
Nada Fadil Abass , Wafaa Sadoon Shani and Inaam Mahmood Najim

First record of myiasis case by Stomoxyscalcitrans Linnaeus (Diptera:Muscidae) in Karbala Governorate on pigeon chick
Alaa Sajaad Al-kahfagi , Rafiad Abbas Al-Essa  and Mohammed Salah Abdl-Rasoull

Investigation of Patulin in samples blood of persons in Karbala province
Huda Abdul Ridha Abdullah and Sami Abdul Ridha Aljumaili

Molecular detection of Giardia lamblia genotypes by nested polymerase chain reaction from diarrheic patients in Diyala / Iraq
Haider Asad Saleh , Mohammed Jasim Shaker , Mehdi Sh. AL-Zuheiry and Rawaa A. Hussein

Preparation of nanohybrid antibiotic from levofloxacin and determination its inhibitory efficacy against Staphylococcus aureus isolated from diabetic foot ulcer
Sara M. AL-Hussaini , Ali Abdul Kadhim Al-Ghanimi1 and Hesham Ibrahim Kadhim

Prevalence of Cysticercus tenuicollis in slaughtered sheep and goats by season, sex, age, at Karbala abattoir, Iraq
Riyadh Hatem Haddawee , Ihsan Mohammed Sulbi  and Zahraa Fadhl Abass

Prognostic significance of FOXP3+tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in Basrah women of breast cancer
Hadeel S. Touma , Wafaa S. Shani and Saad Abdullah

Seroprevalence Comparison among (CMV , Toxoplasma, Rubella) IgM And IgG Ab In Aborted Women In Karbala Province
Israa Saeed Abbas

Synergistic antibacterial interaction between an alum and antibiotics on some microorganism
Zahra Muhsin Ali

The analysis of the protective feature of Nigella sativa in reducing Carbimazole toxicity including liver and kidney parameters on Albino male rats
Shatha Hussein Kadhim , Amal Umran Musa , Zahraa Abed al-kareem , Moayad Mijbil Ubaid , Noor D. Aziz