Histopathological Study Of Toxicity Aflatoxin Of Treatment By Aqueous Extract Seed Pomgranate (Punica granulatum) In Male New Zealand White Rabbits (Oryctolacus cunnculus)


Khamail Abdul Bari Oklla1
1 Clinical Laboratories Department, Applied Medical Sciences College, Karbala University, Iraq.


Objective: The current study focus on toxicity of aflatoxin of treatment by Aqueous extract seed pomgranate (Punica granulatum) in male New Zealand white Rabbits (Oryctolacus cunnculus) until we show the effect of three extract on the tissue of liver , heart and lung in histological test. Methods: This study was carried out in biology department of Kerbala university and in Laboratory of Histopathology in AL- Hussein hospital during the period from 1 March 2014 to 30 March 2014. Thirty adult male of New Zealand rabbits (10-12) months old and weighting (2.85 -3.01) kg .The rabbit were divided into three equal groups,10 rabbit were gave poising aflatoxin and 10 rabbit were gave aqueous extract seed pomgranate (Punica granulatum),and 10 rabbit gaved poising aflatoxin and aqueous extract seed pomgranate ( punica granulatum). Results: The results of histological examination for lung used of poisoning aflatoxin in male rabbits – congestion, parenchyma hemorrhage ,inter alveolar septa thicken with mild chronic While lung taking Aqueous extract Punica granulatum normal, otherwise lung taking Poising aflatoxin and aqueous extract Punica granulatum notice mild congestion, focal parenchyma hemorrhage and no significance inflammation. While result of histological examination for heart taking poising aflatoxin notice congestion and heart taking aqueous extract Punica granulatum normal. While liver taking poising aflatoxin notice congestion in portal area with diffuse vedary degeneration, mild parenchyma hemorrhage while liver taking aqueous extract Punica granulatum vedary degeneration , and liver taking Poisoning aflatoxin and aqueous extract Punica granulatum notice congestion, mild parenchyma hemorrhage , degeneration of liver. Conclusion: In Histopathological study of liver and heart and lung of aflatoxin and Punica granulatum notice might to moderate congestion, Hemorrhage and degeneration.