Investigation of Ochratoxin A in blood and it’s relationship with Cancer diseases


Sami Abd AL-Redha, Zahraa Falah, Fatima Ahmed, Ghada Falah and Alaa Hasson
Clinical Laboratories Department, Applied Medical Sciences College, Karbala University, Iraq.


Objective: This study aim to investigation of Ochratoxin A in blood and it’s relationship with cancer diseases for tenderers and sleepers patients in AL-Hussein hospital – Department of Blood diseases and malignant tumors. Methods: Twenty five blood samples (5ml) collected from 25 patient’s male, female infected with cancer diseases .Age of the patients to range between 8-77 year. Also twenty five blood samples (5ml) from 25 person uninfected with cancer diseases (control treatment) each sample putting in gel tube and transported to the clinical laboratory. Results: The result showed 15 out of 25 samples(60%) of blood collected from patient infected with cancer diseases were found to contain Ochratoxin A while 3 out of 25 samples(12%) were contain Ochratoxin A in control treatment( Healthy Person), The highest percentage blood samples contamination with Ochratoxin A that collected from patients at age groups (50 – 63)year and (64-77)year was (33.3%)for two groups. The percentage of blood samples that contamination with OTA that collected from male patients was 60%. Conclusion: correlation coefficient (r=0.8703) demonstrate that excite relationship between Ochratoxin A and cancer diseases.