The effect of Diabetes mellitus (DM) induction on the Structure of Skeletal Muscle in experimental rats and the protective role of arginine on (DM) complications (Ultrastructural Study )


Mohammed k. Hassani 1 and Maha K. Ibrahim 2 

1 Department of Science, College of Basic Education, University of Missan, Missan, Iraq.

2 Department of Biology, College of Science, University of Basrah, Basrah, Iraq.




Objective: The aim of this study was detect the ultrastructural alterations of gastrocnemius skeletal muscle related to diabetic rats and control was studies , role of arginine as protective agent against (DM) complication was clarified at each period (15,30,45) days post induction.

Methods: Thirty rats  divided into two groups  diabetic and nondiabetic group , the diabetic  group are subdivided to two groups , the first           given tap water , the second given  tap  water containing  L-arginine dissolved in the drinking water.

Results: Ultrathin sections from skeletal muscles biopsies showed myofibrils with sever contraction , atrophied and less regular , disorganized Z-line , variable degree of axonal atrophy , congested capillaries, post(30)days, abnormal myofibrils, changes in mitochondrial position and showed subsarcolemma location, large lipid droplets , distoration of sarcoplasmic reticulum , lamellar formation of collagen, also post (45) day, revealed to irregular T-tubules , absence of Z-line , degenerated myofibrils , muscle fibers fragments , fibers splitting .  The study determined the effect of arginine on skeletal muscle related to diabetes rats at each period (15,30,45 ) days , results recorded condensed  myofibrils,more regular,well developed, regularZ-line and clear lamellar structure of collagen , the axoplasm filled with mitochondria , normal schwann cell nuclei and deposition of glycogen granules in the interistitial space, oriented   Z-line , myotube with normal myonuclei and the arrangement of T-tubules more obvious , the results showed that the arginine resulted in minimized the histological changes and reduced STZ-induced ( DM) and its toxic effect that seen in rats with (DM).

Conclusion: Strong association between ultrastructural changes of diabetic skeletal muscles and their innervation was established and the results reffered to arginine as protective, bioactive agent reduced myopathy , neuropathy of diabetic muscles.