The analysis of the protective feature of Nigella sativa in reducing Carbimazole toxicity including liver and kidney parameters on Albino male rats


Shatha Hussein Kadhim1 , Amal Umran Musa1 , Zahraa Abed al-kareem1 , Moayad Mijbil Ubaid2 , Noor D. Aziz1
1 College of Pharmacy, University of Kerbala, Kerbala, Iraq.
2 College of Basic Education, University of Summer, Thi-Qar, Iraq.


Objective: Carbimazole is widespread drug utilized for treating hyperthyroidism but ,carbimazole usage was associated with adverse on some organs. Also, carbimazole overdose has been linked to nephritis in rats, while , Nigella sativa a medical plant has many antioxidant effects against liver and kidney” toxicity” so , the aim of study was to explore the protective effect of Nigella sativa against carbimazole-induced hepatic and renal toxicity in rats.

Methods: The experiment was done on 24 male albino rats in Karbala University /animal house of Pharmacy College for two months period, this work considered the agreement of the animal rights in the college. The rats were divided into four groups, the first group is control which represented healthy animals , the second group is carbimazole group was drenched orally with 1.6 mg/kg/day of carbimazole , the third group was drenched orally with 4ml/kg of Nigella for three days in a week plus l.6 mg/kg/day of carbimazole and last group was drenched 4ml/kg of Nigella for three days per week. The samples of Blood were collected for lab analysis including the liver and kidney functions and tissues were underwent for histopathological evaluation.

Results: The study demonstrated significant effect of Nigella in reducing the toxicity of “carbimazole” in both biochemical parameters for liver and kidney (“ALT, AST, ALP, Urea, Creatinine”) and in histological section as mentioned below in results. Conclusion: From the results we concluded that Nigella sativa may have protective effect against “carbimazole toxicity”.