Study the serum levels of IL-17A, IL-12 and IL-10 in Peptic Infections caused by Helicobacter Pylori CagA Antigen


Hasan A. Al Saadi 1 , Moayad K. Alnakeeb 2 and Mohammed B. Shahid AlKateb 3
1 Department of Clinical laboratories, College of Applied Medical Sciences, University of Kerbala, Kerbala, Iraq.
3 Al Hussain Medical City, Kerbala, Iraq.
2 Department of Biology, College of Science, University of Kerbala, Kerbala, Iraq.


Objective: In this study we tried to understand the relationship between the severity of peptic infection caused by Helicobacter Pylori cytotoxin-associated gene A (cagA) Antigen and the serum levels of each of interleukin- 17(IL-17), IL-12 and IL-10.

Methods: Gastric biopsies of 93 patients used for H. pylori detection using glmM gene investigation by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique. Blood serum taken for measuring of interleukins levels by ELIZA technique.

Results: Serum levels of IL-17, IL-12 and IL-10 were significantly higher (p≤0.0001) in symptomatic than asymptomatic patients, and were correlated with the severity of gastric H. pylori related infection. The serum levels of IL-17 and IL-12 were higher in adults than children while, IL-10 was higher in children than adults.

Conclusion: There is strong association between serum levels of studied interleukins and gastroduodenoscopy finding in Iraqi patients.