Prevalence of Helicobater pylori Infection in Patients Complaining of Epigastric Pain and Dyspepsia, Mosul, Iraq

Ali Jumaah Ali 1
1 Al-Salam Hospital, Ministry of Health, Mosul, Iraq.


Objectives: To study the prevalence of H pylori among patients referred to endoscopic unit Complaining from epigastric pain and dyspepsia.

Methods: To study the epidemiology of H pylori infection in patients suffering from epigastric pain and dyspepsia referred to endoscopic unit between first of January to 31 of July 2013.

Results: Out of 106 patients , 65 patient were positive (61.32%) , 30 patient were negative (28.30%) and 11 patient were no histopathological result of H pylori (10.37%).

Conclusion: In conclusion there is a significant relation between H pylori and epigastric pain & dyspepsia H pylori infection affect different age group. Both sex affected by H. pylori infection.