First record of myiasis case by Stomoxyscalcitrans Linnaeus (Diptera:Muscidae) in Karbala Governorate on pigeon chick


Alaa Sajaad Al-kahfagi1 , Rafiad Abbas Al-Essa 2 and Mohammed Salah Abdl-Rasoull3
1 General directorate of education of holy Kerbala, Kerbala, Iraq.
2 Department of Environmental health, College of Applied Medical Sciences, University of Kerbala, Kerbala, Iraq.
3 Iraq natural history research center, Baghdad University Museum, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq.


Objective: The aim of current study was to investigate taxonomic and description cases of myiasis recorded of survey regions in karbala. Methods: Survey regions karbala for collected flies larvae Myasis and diagnosis by Mohammed Salah Abdl –Rasoullin Iraq natural history research center / Baghdad University Museum. Then isolated stable larvae to confirm larva flies are collected that causes myiasis from young birds pigeon. It has been rearing larval stages to get the adult to confirm the process description and diagnosis and classified depending on the number and shape of branches for anterior spiracles, posterior spiracle ,peritreme, button , arrangement of spiracles slits in addition to the differences parts of cephalopharyngeal skeleton have been used in preparing keys to diagnosis the third instar larvae for the species that cause myiasis. It has been described by a complete description , and drawing parts. Locality records , date , of collection and hosts have been included for most species. Results: Stomoxyscalcitrans Linnaeus that cause myiasis. on the pigeon chick, it’s the first case record caused by third larval stage in center Karbala. Conclusion: Third larval stage Stable fly to be able to causing myaisis or flystrike as others Myasisis flies when provide approttive conditions.