Evaluation of antidiabetic and antihyperlipidimic activity of Kefir in alloxan induced diabetes mellitus rat


Ihab Ghazi Mahdi AL-Shemmari 1, Raeed Abdel mahdi Kassim Altaee 2, Ayyed Hameed Hassan 3
1 Department of Vet. internal and preventive Medicine, College of Vet. Medicine, University of Kerbala, Kerbala, Iraq.
2,3Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, College of Vet. Medicine, University of Kerbala, Kerbala, Iraq.


Objective: The present study was undertaken to investigate the antihyperglycemic and antihyperlipidemic effects of skimmed milk Kefir in alloxan-induced diabetic rats.

Methods: Diabetes was induced in male Wister rats by single intraperitoneal administration of alloxan monohydrate (150 mg/kg). Animals were divided into four groups (n=12) receiving different treatments. Skimmed milk Kefir (3.6ml/200gm) was studied in alloxan-induced diabetic rats for a period of 20 and 40 days. Gliben clamide (600 μg/kg) was used as a reference drug in alloxan-induced diabetic rats.

Results: The daily oral treatment with skimmed milk Kefir showed a significant reduction in blood glucose (p>0.05) with respect to the control group. Besides, administration of Kaifr for 20 and 40 days was significantly (p>0.05) decreased serum contents of total cholesterol, triglycerides, low density lipoprotein LDL and very low density lipoprotein VLDL whereas HDL-cholesterol was effectively increased. This Study showed clearly that skimmed milk kefir has hypoglycemic and antihyperlipidemic effects.

Conclusion: In this study and depend on the results it is possible to observe that skimmed milk kefir products has antidiabetic and antihyperlipidemic effect in induced diabetic rats which showed elevated in serum glucose, hyperlipidemia and decrease in HDL. Consumption of skimmed milk kefir products in (20) and (40) days during the period of study was very useful. The beneficial effects of Kefir products were found to be decrease serum glucose and other lipid picture but there is increase in HDL. Therefore skimmed milk kefir products are considered to be a useful bioactive natural food, which have a hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic effect and one of the important dietary choices for patients with diabetes who need safe and useful food products to fight the dangerous effects associated with the disease.